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We've partnered with MORE Surface Care, a leading home surfaces care product company to ensure that your precious countertops receive the attention they deserve. From daily maintenance to occasional touch-ups, we're dedicated to safeguarding your investment and helping you cherish your countertops for years to come. Make sure the Code “GMDS1” is applied upon checkout to receive your 10% discount!

MORE® Triple Pack | GMD Surfaces

MORE® Triple Pack

Keep your countertops looking new
Coupon Code: GMDS1

Best Seller Starter Pack | GMD Surfaces

Best Seller Starter Pack

Best Seller Starter Pack Includes: 
MPS32 - Premium Stone Sealer - one 32oz bottle
MSQ16AM - Stone & Quartz Cleaner + Protector w/Antimicrobial - one 16oz spray bottle
Coupon Code: GMDS1
MORE® Premium Stone Sealer | GMD Surfaces

MORE® Premium Stone Sealer

Simply put, it’s the best-performing sealer available for
protecting natural stone and tile surfaces.
Coupon Code: GMDS1